Follow your Heart to discover a way to transform yourself, your life.

I guide you in discovering a higher path through understanding your intrinsic spiritual connection. The Heart always knows the way to your souls path. Experience a spiritual transformation that directly affects your physical, mental and emotional well-being by living from the heart.

Hello I’m Teena Christel “The Healing Heartist”

Join me on a journey to a life of healing through stress & anxiety relief programs I have developed over the years.

I am an Akashic Records Guide who ‘connects’ with your specific records through the Record Keepers of the Akash. I inquire into the truth and depth of your soul, delving into your present life, your past life and even possible choice-points of future paths.

I believe in the goodness of heart and community of spirit. We are one – a collective consciousness. If you feel different or alone, create a life where you attract like-minded people. Through collaboration, cooperation & caring we can create our heart’s desires.

Teena Christel “The Healing Heartist” Akashic Reader & Spiritual Healer

Akashic Records Sessions

If you could ask your soul any question at all, what would it be? Would you ask how underlying influences from past-life experiences affect your now-life? Would you want to know how to best step into your highest future?

HeartMath Basics Training

Learn the magic of the heart-healing. Join a Live Zoom Group Workshop the first Wednesday morning of the month. This is a collaborative place to practice the heart-breath with like-minded souls who are looking for their highest existence. Each practice expands your understanding for further improvement and the ‘vibe’ is awesome.

HeartSoul Convergence

The ability to experience life from a higher perspective is a divine gift. At any age, there is an opportunity, an invitation, to live a connected life – one in which your heart and your soul are one.

HeartSoul Convergence is a workshop consisting of a beautiful combined ‘convergence’ of three connecting areas – MindHeartSoul. By fully connecting to our heart and pulling in our Higher Self, our Soul’s Wisdom, we learn to live a life where the Mind & Emotions aren’t ruling each moment of our day. This program combines HeartMath Training with the result=driven ability to ‘hear’ the soul’s messages first-hand.

ll you will ever need is inside of you, learn how to find it and harness the Divine Love available to you.