Dive In On a Soul Level

Dive In On a Soul Level

If you could ask your soul anything… what would it be?

We don’t have to know the details of WHY our life is the way it is, but we find great comfort and healing from the wisdom of a higher perspective about the lessons those experiences intended. Within the Akashic field, the Record Keepers are focused on helping to expand our soul and our mind.  And, of course, to be the protector of the all thoughts, deeds and activities of all time and space.

Much of the work in the Akash is simply a validation of the quiet whispers we’ve already been hearing.  In this new 2020 energy – the Age of Aquarius – our human soul is poised and ready to spring into action – to transform our power into the fruition of our ‘real’ journey – the one we chose before arriving. If you’ve been feeling the pull toward something ‘bigger’, ask for more information and pause to listen.  This is how the 2020 energy influences – expansion, compassion and, as the song goes “letting the sun SHINE in”

The Akash is the doorway of unfoldment.  It shines the light onto a clear and wise pathway forward.  By understanding our own soul we have an opportunity to have a rare glimpse into the depths of our own heart and soul. Perhaps, even the key – the hidden jewel – within ourselves.  There is no better gift, and investment in ourselves, to open the door to more awareness and less “outside” distractions.

No one can gain access without permission to open your specific Akashic Records.  Within that magical vault hides a variety of gems waiting to arise spontaneously.  Many times the Record Keepers, and sometimes your guides (such is the case when I read your records) answer your questions before you ask. They are aware and with us during our lives.

The Record Keepers share what you are ready to hear.  Often, the most important ‘next steps’ are usually presented in the first few minutes of a session. The RK provide simple truths and wisdoms that help guide, comfort and confirm life’s experiences.  With skillful translation, not as a psychic, the message comes to life.  Each Guide brings information in through their own unique channel, as a navigator and vessel interpreting the soul’s message. Together the most pertinent information is uncovered and sometimes the enchanted aspects of your life are illuminated.  All this can provide a fresh perspective for a new path forward.

If you’re curious about the gift inside you – inside the complexity of that human that you are, this might just bring the clarity you seek.

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