How do we feel better in the midst of massive change?

How do we feel better in the midst of massive change?

Our planet is going through a metamorphosis in symphony with our own ‘awakening’.  For many of us it’s been going on for years, but for some, it’s only just begun.  The energies coming in from the cosmos are creating an atmosphere of ‘unveiling’ – both from an inner perspective and outside of us.  Everything that was once hidden is now being forced into the light.  So not only are we change our entire way of thinking and being, but we’re in the midst of a world going through the same changes. 

We must learn how to bring ourselves back to center.  This can be done through meditation, being in nature, yoga and a host of other ‘disciplines’ to help us seek contemplation.  But one of the most effective and easy practices I’ve ever found are using one of HeartMath’s techniques to not only help us stay calm, but for me, helped to propel me into a more focused relationship with my own heart’s desires.  It was a turning point for me, and so I became a Certified HeartMath Coach and now would like to offer one of the most simplest techniques for free to anyone who is looking for inner self-reliance, calm and resilience in the midst of the storm.  I call it being in the eye of the storm where all is well.

Every Wednesday morning at 8:30 AM AZ time (PST currently), I provide a 30 minute practice session for anyone who is looking for practice with other beautiful souls who are also learning to become more connected self.  For me, this is necessary part of the process of understanding who you are, in relationship to others and where you have come from – and the power that you have been born with, but somehow were convinced that you weren’t the magical, amazing human that you’ve always felt that you were.

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