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How can you become healthier, with less stress and anxiety?

In my experience, the activity of accessing the energy of one’s heart goes far beyond the physical and allows a connection to our inner wisdom. Read through my free programs below for helpful advice & training to help yourself through some of life’s more difficult times.

Self Healing

Self-Healing is a beautiful “Gift” that each human has inherently brought into this life, but simply forgotten. As a strong proponent of this concept, I’ve spent much of my adult life diving further into this idea and have come across catalysts that can help us bring these inner abilities to the surface. The basis of all the work that I conduct, on myself and others, is predicated on this body of work as a Certified HeartMath Trainer and Coach, taught by HeartMath.

Intro to HeartMath

The HeartMath Experience was released in November 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak. However, this interactive program is especially appropriate during these times for maintaining emotional balance, mental clarity and sustaining resilience. The content is uplifting and provides scientifically validated tools for managing stress and anxiety – which we need now more than ever.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

The ability to stay calm and balanced in an ever-changing and disconnected society is becoming more difficult for everyone. With current high levels of fear we are experiencing in the atmosphere we need to work smarter to keep ourselves in a positive space. We are more ‘connected’ through communication and social media, but less connected than we’ve ever been. This brings many to a lonely, frustrated place.