Self Healing

Self-Healing is a beautiful “Gift” that each human has inherently brought into this life, but simply forgotten.

As a strong proponent of this concept, I’ve spent much of my adult life diving further into this idea and have come across catalysts that can help us bring these inner abilities to the surface.

Healing Heartist - HeartSoul Convergence Sessions

Certified HeartMath Trainer and Coach.

Getting out of our ‘head’ and into our heart is, what I believe to be, the basis of all health reform – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. This simple but effective concept has a huge impact on our ability to see life through the lens – the lens of the heart, rather than purely a mental, visual, or tactile approach. Data is a beautiful thing, but when we rely on what is outside of us, rather than inside of us, we become out of alignment with who we are at the core – we are Divine Soul Beings of Light.

What you’ll learn.

HeartMath is a science-based nonprofit organization with peer-reviewed studies that have shown intriguing health benefits such as reduced anxiety and stress and a calmer life-experience simply by integrating these simple techniques into daily life. They have shown that to achieve daily balance results in resilience, which results in better health. But for me, this is just the beginning.

The starting point is to learn the free basic technique. Even if you stopped after learning these techniques, and continued to use these very basic techniques, you will find a huge improvement on all levels of your human existence.

  • Learn the magic of the heart-healing.
  • Join a Live Zoom Group Workshop *each Wednesday morning.
  • Each practice expands your understanding for further improvement.
Healing Heartist - Free Self Healing Programs

Step 1:
Explore HeartMath Basics

If you feel you’re too busy or distracted to have another pull on your time, you’ll learn how this is not the case with this technique. It’s only a 30 minute commitment and the practices are integrated into your daily, normal life.

Life has much more depth to show you. The current planetary changes are beckoning all to seek the true magic of who you are. For many people, this small 30 minute training is enough to initiate the soul growth process. For others, it is simply launching a more calm and focused life path. Learning the magic of healing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually is a gift beyond measure.

Practice this until you can do the exercise with your eyes open. I suggest at least 12-24 times before taking the next step. A good start is 2-3 times a day for 3-4 weeks.

Step 2:
Private One-on-One Sessions

Use your intuition. If you feel it’s time to connect with the REAL YOU that is your soul, and you feel I am the right person to show you this process, then make an appointment for a private session. You may certainly follow-up with subsequent sessions for continued coaching as long as you feel the need. But typically, three sessions are plenty to get you well on your way to fully feel the difference of living life in the heart, rather than the mind.

Private Session Includes:

  • Intuitive discussion about top areas of concern – we will talk about what brought you to the point of looking ‘inward’, sharing your top 1 or 2 areas you’d like to strengthen.
  • Self-healing – we will practice a self-healing Heart-session together.
  • Together we may practice asking a question to see if you are able to tap into your own Akashic Record Keepers.

Points to Remember:

  • Everyone is a healer. Everyone. For yourself and to be a catalyst for others.
  • We are Light Beings having an experience in a physical body on a 3D planet, that is currently moving through the 4th Dimension into the 5th Dimension.
  • We are all feeling these effects on every level. It can’t be escaped.
  • Within the 3rd dimension energy we have been entrained to believe that we are limited. That’s putting it mildly.
  • The energetic shift from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th Dimension brings each and every human an opportunity to ‘ascend’ into a higher vibration, in synchronicity with our beautiful planet.
  • If you have been feeling like there’s something important you’re supposed to do, or learn, or understand, this is your soul, your heart, speaking to you.
  • It’s time to begin the process of learning who you really are. And YOU are the only one who can discern that information. You are the only one who knows YOU at the most intimate level.
  • This is an internal process – an inner awakening.

In my experience, the activity of accessing the energy of one’s heart goes far beyond the physical and allows a connection to our inner wisdom. That inner wisdom, or inner knowing is our inherent gift just for being born at this time on our planet. But, we’ve forgotten how to use its magical powers.
Consistently connecting with our deeper self, looking inside of ourselves, helps us create the best version of who we are by breaking the cycle of beliefs from our childhood environment, and repetitive thoughts, worries and memories from the past that cloud our decisions.
Learning to create using wisdom, rather than thoughts, through this deeper understanding of who you are – from the inside out. Our loving soul within wants us to see and feel who we are – see and feel the hearts wisdom that is separate from the mind’s memories and sometimes skewed fear-based perspective.

This heart reconnection helps to discern what is best for us – the unique human that YOU are, and not what someone else may have taught you or said. To remember the souls purpose is to step into our rightful life journey.

Within the heart’s memory, you may discover the beautiful, compassionate, wise person that lives deep within you – in the soul. For this is truly who you are. Not the person who’s trying to pay the mortgage, raise the kids, or cook the meals.

This deeper connection has a profound effect on how you will live your life – it provides a new perspective, one with more meaning, a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here.

Using the basic HeartMath’s techniques is the start to embark on understanding the science behind this work and will provide the foundation of further work together, or for you individually.

Then we may choose to go deeper to develop intentions that are in alignment between the mind, the words that you use, your feelings and the intentions of the heart’s desire. Staying self-aware is the second key to assure that alignment is solid and stays solid. Alignment creates the life you desire through balanced thoughts/feelings. In every ‘now’ moment, you are creating your future by your thoughts, words and feelings.

You’ll learn some of the health benefits of HeartMath to start, as well as the ‘magic’ of living a life of awareness. HeartMath’s science-based techniques result in overall health improvements by teaching stress-management and mental and emotional resilience. Practicing these simple techniques helps calm the emotional body during times of stress, and so much more. The secret recipe to replenish your inner battery, a crucial life skill that everyone benefits from, is within you – easily accessible if you just knew how.

Self-care is the foundation of self-healing — taking responsibility for our own health. , Your good attitude and health affects others – in your circle, as well as contributes to unity consciousness in a significant way. You’ll begin to understand the significance of providing energetic nourishment to the mind and body. Replenishment is necessary for true heart-brain coherence.

Where I take it a little further is that within this learning, there’s a little ‘magic’.
I learned from my own personal experiences through my many hours within the heart, then with the Akash. This is our gift to ourselves – the ability to make wisdom-based choices that start deep within our heart. The first step to changing our world outside of ourselves.

Personally, HeartMath methods and meditation/contemplation allowed me to connect, to listen deeply within to find my own higher power. I’ve discovered that my soul, or my wisdom space, really is there. It’s where I found comfort during my transformation.

If cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen, taking a walk, driving, walking, etc. takes about ten minutes two or three times a day, then you do not need to make extra time to do this work. Although I do suggest 5-10 minutes before bed and upon waking, working ‘the magic’ doesn’t need to take time away from your life. It will be easily integrated into your day.

These ‘coherence’ techniques reveal the doorway to your soul. For me, this Heart-Soul Convergence connects you to your deeper wisdom, which I refer to as the soul’s wisdom. The Heart connection can calm anxiety or bring a feeling of elation when you hear your soul’s deepest desires. During your sessions, you’ll put your focus and energy on the heart – showing your body and consciousness who you truly are, which is a gift beyond comprehension.

There’s a complex correlation between almost everything – how nature works, the planetary system, our body, our state of mind, the words we use, our health. It’s all intertwined. It’s natural to want to find an answer outside of us – the magic pill,after all, we were taught that was where the answers lie. But that simply is not the case. The truth is, everything relates to our thoughts and emotions.
We manifest all things into existence. When you feel loving thoughts and emotions, your body responds in kind, as does your future reflect that, manifesting exactly what you think and feel.

The Record-Keepers in the Akash have stressed multiple times during sessions that the alignment between our spoken words, our intentions, thoughts and emotions are what sets our future timeline into motion. We attract what we feel and ‘put out there’. This is nothing new to anyone that has studied the laws of nature or spirituality.

But they also specifically add that your body needs to feel your love. It’s connected – it’s your ‘vehicle’ in this life, your soul manifest.
When connected and focused on what you desire, your higher consciousness takes you where you want to go, allowing you to have beautiful experiences along the way.

Give yourself the gift and grace to feel compassion, love, appreciation, care, and joy toward yourself. Bring it into your heart, into your thoughts, and into your words. This practice brings you closer to your ‘source’ energy, which feeds your body with wellbeing.
A Heart-Healing helps you move to a higher vibrational resonance – one that exudes a ‘higher’ frequency. Once you achieve the beautiful and meaningful alignment, the experiences you desire are magnetically drawn to you. It’s through your thoughts and emotions that your true intentions ‘magically’ come true.

When the student is ready…

Heart-Healing shows you a path of inner freedom to keep calm and have ease within your heart, regardless of what’s happening outside of yourself.
You’ll find yourself taking longer, deeper breaths even during times of trials and tribulations from being late to work to a true crisis in your life. You’ll feel the energetic light of the universe flowing through you, aligning you right where you need to be at the right time.

Did you know that the heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain? The heart’s magnetic field can be measured at least 3 feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers.