Stress & Anxiety Reduction

The ability to stay calm and balanced.

The ability to stay calm and balanced in an ever-changing and disconnected society is becoming more difficult for everyone.

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Stress & Anxiety Reduction

With current high levels of fear we are experiencing in the atmosphere we need to work smarter to keep ourselves in a positive space. We are more ‘connected’ through communication and social media, but less connected than we’ve ever been. This brings many to a lonely, frustrated place.

Knowing how to balance ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally is more important than it has ever been.

As of March 2020 we are now bombarded with a very low frequency permeating our auric fields and bodies. Fear and frustration are lower energies that affect the space in which we live – the more people we are near (cities and roads) every day affect us on a vibrational level.

Because we are all Healing Heartists – we possess the ability to heal ourselves on every level. We have an inner power to create our own reality. A more ‘traditional’ way to state this might be that we have control over our own body – we can regulate our own state of being. That begins with the ability to have awareness around our thoughts, words and actions – and mostly with our feelings, which affect us internally, and through the field around us. In other words, we can and do affect others – either positively or negatively, the same as they can affect us.

As a Certified HeartMath Trainer and Coach, their body of work is the basis for this area of focus. And my purpose is to be of service – to do good for others by providing this valuable simple and basic truths, so the vast majority of people are working in positive energies, not depleting. As we become proficient at taking care of ourselves through simple basic practices, we can step forward and be available to others – personally and through communications.

The Programs, within HealingHeartist, ideas and techniques are presented on how to bring our body into alignment – our Heart & our Brain working together for the betterment of our health and overall resilience. There are many paths to this end, these works are preferred among ways to reduce stress and anxiety and become a positive engine because they are so simple to perform. If it sings to you, then take it beyond this basic healthy calm to, perhaps, interact with your soul itself. Have the intention of making this a better world – starting with your own internal, and external lives.

Step 1: Breath Practice

Think of a time or occasion when you were happiest, most calm and serene. Recall with vivid detail all aspects of this event or time. Then, breathe in deeply, with a couple of fingers lying gently on the area of your heart. As you breathe in and out for about 5 seconds each, sense your heart’s calming effect through your fingertips

This simple yet effective act just raised your heart-brain coherence and aligned your mental, emotional and physical systems. It’s true! You’re getting healthier just by doing something you have to do anyway better!

It’s in-line with anything that you do in life so it can be reenacted anywhere, anytime. And, the longer you can hold the feeling along while practicing the breathe work, the healthier your body becomes, counteracting all those stress moments in life. Right away it brings a sense of calm “ease’ to your body and your internal systems. This is just the start. But even if you did just this alone, you could turn around any stress-reactions within your body because it’s a sign telling your body, and your mind, not to stress. The more the better! Anxiety not needed today, thank you very much!

Step 2: Practice Awareness

What has your state of mind been for the last 30 minutes? When is the last time you gave thought to your state of mind – has it been a day or even week, or longer?

Our thoughts perpetuate emotions, so our stress response can be the same whether going through a tough situation in ‘real time’ or just in thinking about it. Crazy, right?

It’s true and that simple.

Our mind doesn’t know the difference between a current situation or replay. Knowing this should make you ‘think twice’ about what’s running through your mind.

Who would have guessed it was so easy to fool our body into thinking we are doing great! If it can take us down rabbit trails rehashing old hurts, or journeys of our heart’s desire – It just takes the right intention to change your complete path.

There are vibrational qualities for each set of emotions – the lower emotions, such as guilt, fear and frustration, emit a very low frequency and the higher frequencies of love, joy, appreciation and peace emit a strong “high’ vibration. Your body responds to both and is held in your field. That’s how we pick up other’s emotions. Everyone has had an experience of walking into a room with an energetic ‘thickness’ you could cut with a knife. Right? You know it’s true!

So getting into the habit of awareness of what you think, and how those thoughts make you feel is the second step to a heart-based life.

Create a choice point right then to ‘think and feel’ something more positive –sing a song, think of a baby or a puppy. This choice is within your control. You are the boss of you, and YOU can change your experience at the blink of an eye!

Step 3: Renewing Energy

It all comes down to personal balance – alignment of the heart and mind.

Thoughts and emotions can be huge drains on our personal energy flow. Personal energy must be renewed just like a battery needs to be charged. We ‘give’ or expend only so much energy before we start losing our own get-up-and-go. If we persist on depleting more than we renew, our health will be the sad recipient.

A good night’s sleep is the first and most obvious way to renew our energy. But there are many others, such as eating a good amount of organic fruits and vegetables, a walk, yoga or a good workout, and of course, thinking good thoughts! Distancing yourself from the news and those who spread negativity is more draining than you can imagine. So, spending time in nature, in the sun, near water, bare feet on the earth… is also very good for our overall well-being and mental health. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the Schumann Resonance, the earth’s natural sound frequency, and the alpha rhythms of the brain.

Learn to harmonize your body with Mind-Heart coherence. It is the Renewable Energy System within you. Coherence measures the pattern of the heart’s rhythm, to reflect the orderly and harmonious synchronization with the body. Specifically, between the heart, respiratory system and blood pressure rhythms.

Harmonization of the heart, mind and emotions, introduces an energetic alignment with the Autonomic Nervous System that has been proven to bring clarity and improve brain function. This same practice also reduces stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Your ability to self-manage your own health, clarity and brain function is exciting and empowering. It’s difficult to un-know this information once you’ve heard it. Hopefully it will make a difference in your life, even if only a small shift, it will make a difference in your overall quality of life.