Healing Programs

Spiritual Healing Programs design to get you out of our ‘head’ and into your heart.

Programs designed to help people who are feeling unwell get back to health using a full immersion experience of spiritual, physical, mental and emotional counseling.

Akashic Records Sessions

If you could ask your soul any question at all, what would it be? Would you ask how underlying influences from past-life experiences affect your now-life? Would you want to know how to best step into your highest future?

HeartMath Basics Training

Learn the magic of the heart-healing. Join a Live Zoom Group Workshop *each Wednesday morning. If you need additional help, schedule a private recorded workshop. Each practice expands your understanding for further improvement.

HeartMath is a science-based nonprofit organization with peer-reviewed studies that have shown intriguing health benefits such as reduced anxiety and stress and a calmer life-experience simply by integrating these simple techniques into daily life.

HeartSoul Convergence

The ability to experience life from a higher perspective is a gift. At any age, there is an opportunity, an invitation, to live a connected life – one in which your heart and your soul are one.

HeartSoul Convergence is a program consisting of a beautiful combination or ‘convergence’ of connecting fully to our heart and pulling in our Higher Self – our Soul’s Wisdom. This program combines Akashic Records and Hearthmath Training consisting of three 50-minute sessions.