Akashic Records Sessions

If you could ask your soul any question at all, what would it be?

Would you ask how underlying influences from past-life experiences affect your now-life?
Would you want to know how to best step into your highest future?

Teena is an Akashic Records Guide who ‘connects’ with your specific records through the Record Keepers of the Akash.

Teena Christel - Akashic Records Guide

She inquires into the truth and depth of your soul. Delves into your present life, your past life and even possible choice-points of future paths.

The Akashic Field is a celestial body, a cosmic-based field repository of all thoughts, phrases, and deeds from all places and times of every living being. The records themselves do not sit in judgment, nor do the Record Keepers judge. There is no delineation from good or bad, right or wrong. It’s a locked system of awareness – meaning, you must gain permission to enter. All thoughts, actions, words, and intentions are available, and only information is given if receiving these insights provides positive soul growth. All significant moments experienced along your specific ‘ride’ throughout your soul’s history is documented.

Once you begin the journey of discovering the wisdom of you, and love buried within your beautiful soul self – it could change your life’s trajectory. Many people who are sensitive to energy feel the love pouring into them from this beautiful field and the Record Keepers themselves. It’s an experience that is a gift of the soul, particularly in moments of life-changing decisions.

INDIVIDUAL Akashic Records sessionS

An Akashic Records Session is an experience, perhaps even a journey for some, where Teena makes herself available as an intermediary. This session will guide you through the interconnected cosmic field that holds the answers to your soul-based questions.

Healing Heartist - Akashic Records Individual Sessions

Sample questions are provided in advance (two attachment links are on the calendar invite) to ensure that each question leads you to a better understanding of your own soul’s path, both past, and present.

This experience is not a psychic reading, and provides answers to questions that are determined, by the Record Keepers, to be beneficial to your soul’s growth.

What People Are Saying

An Architect of The New Earth, Jay Campbell is a global thought leader on biohacking and higher consciousness. His singular focus is Raising the Vibration to Optimize Love Creation!

Around the world there are any number of situations, happenings or locations that we might refer to as “power” places, portals, nodes and nulls.

Any of these places or situations may have secrets within that they are willing to share at certain moments in time, perhaps on a significant anniversary of an event, for example.

Ancient sites, and places of high energy, hold an incredible history long before man, and through, perhaps, hundreds of peoples and cultures, if not thousands. Yet, for the most part, they remain a mystery. These powerful places have long been a love for me, personally. So the idea of not only physically going to these places, but an ethereal visit through the Akash has been a long-time dream.

Some of these places will be included in our Immersion Travel opportunities, where I will ask the Akash for their interpretation when we’re physically on location. But until then, I will endeavor to visit these special locations etherically, asking the Akashic Records what they want us know. This information will be written in my Blog section, and/or perhaps recorded. Each month there will be a place or situation chosen – perhaps even suggested by you.

Healing Heartist - Akashic Records Sessions - Immersion Travel