The most beautiful magic in all the world cannot be seen, cannot be touched, cannot be smelled or heard… it can only be felt within the heart.  To take care of the world, we must first take care of ourselves.

A HeartSoul Convergence is the integration of intuitive knowledge and heart-focused living.  That’s the short snippet.  But really, it’s the allowing of synergy to exist between the heart and the soul. 

There’s a perfect dance between these two partners when we know how to play the right music.  And the music is our thoughts and feelings.  The Heart has the wisdom and the soul holds the answers.  At least, that’s how I’ve experienced this confluence. 

Together, the two energies are able to gently lead us within the flow of life by having faith that they both know exactly what they are doing.  Leave the minds’ role as the calculator because the mind’s three basic functions are to dominate our time with thoughts, which trigger feelings, and leave us wanting more.  When we focus our attention away from the mind, and on the heart, we are showing the mind who’s boss. 

The teaching is not about the mind, however.  The teaching is about allowing our heart to be our wisdom-base, to be our guide through life.  And the soul, our intuition – which aren’t the same, but for my purposes, intuition was the closest connection I had to the soul, equal only to being in the Akashic Records.  So, it’s about creating a confluence of the two in order to bring a natural flow of goodness into our lives.


There are gems of knowledge that surface from an Akashic Records session that can be life changing. No always, but at the very least, you will understand that you are being guided by your own soul, and with some deeper understanding, you will be able to learn more about yourself than you thought possible.

By understanding the big picture of your life’s journey we can more readily accept life’s ups and downs.  To the soul, and to the record keepers, there are no mistakes.  There are simply experiences.  Adventures.  Great learnings. 

To hear your Record Keepers speak about your inner-most feelings, tears of recognition, shivers of confirmation, and an overwhelming love pours into each person. The ability to experience a depth of connection with who you REALLY are – who you have been in other life-times, can bring a sense of calm and understanding to this life. 

Compassion and Joy.  Appreciation and Love.  Freedom and Truth.  No one can put limits on these aspects of ourselves.  No one can take it away, tax it or squash it. 

Yes, for many, they seem like distant dreams.  There are a great many who do not feel these emotions live in their hearts naturally – that they have to dig too deep for them to surface. And some, sadly, have never felt all of these beautiful expressions of our selves.

The one thing that brings out great passion for me personally, is the ability to allow these expressions to become the overreaching persona that I bring into the world, the planet.  I want my contribution to the ‘field’ to be positive, compassionate, loving energy.  Can I do that all the time?  No.  But for far too long I dwelled in lower emotional aspects, anger, frustration and grief.  These diminishing emotions eventually took a toll on me personally and my health.  I grew up very serious. I would escape and ‘play’ in a make-believe world.  That’s where I spent most of my time when I was young.  Now, because I have learned so much between more own inner work and my outside learning, appreciation and love, can now be found, not only with my children and my grandchildren, but in my life at large. 

The teachings I present here are of a Heart Connection, starting with reconnecting with our own heart.  We must first create in our own heart what we desire in our lives.  Then, we radiate it out, when we know it or not, into the field to begin to change the collective consciousness.  This is my dream.  This is my passion.  This is my work. Bringing everyone who is open to the possibilities of change into the interconnectedness of their own heart, their own inner beauty – being in touch with their feelings in a healthy and balanced way is the first step in healing the world. 

Sometimes we must do what is right for us, and only us, in order to make the changes that take us to a better future.  And, at some point, we may have to make decisions that some people can stay in our hearts, but not in our lives.

Let’s do this together.  Take one step at a time to care for the world by first, taking care of ourselves.

Philosopher William James stated “We are like Islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the DEEP.”