HeartMath is a series of techniques and tools helping you to get out of your head and into your heart. This science-based organization with peer-reviewed studies has proven that living this way helps you achieve resilience and balance, which results in better health today and in the future.

What is HeartMath with a Twist?

Accessing your heart’s wisdom and inner-knowing helps you create the best version of YOU. You’ll discover the beautiful, compassionate, wise person that lives deep down in your soul. You’ll have a new perspective on life – a life with a whole new meaning.

HeartMath with a Twist teaches you the science behind HeartMath with ‘extra’ insights on how setting customized intentions and staying fiercely self-aware helps create the life you desire. You’ll learn the health benefits of HeartMath as well as the ‘magic’ of living a life of awareness.

HeartMath’s science-based techniques result in overall health improvements by teaching stress-management and mental and emotional resilience. Practicing these simple techniques helps calm the emotional body during times of stress.

You’ll learn the secret recipe to replenish your inner battery, a crucial life skill that everyone needs. Learn when your body needs replenishing by creating heart-brain coherence. HeartMath with a Twist is a science-backed program with a little ‘magic’ from my own experience sprinkled in, providing you with the ability to make wisdom-based choices that start deep within your heart.  

Personally, the HeartMath methods connected the areas deep within me that helped me find my own higher power. I’ve found my soul, or my wisdom space, during my transformation and you can too.

All it takes is 10 minutes (or more) twice a day using the HeartMath ‘coherence’ techniques to reveal the doorway to your soul. HeartSoul Convergence connects you to your soul’s wisdom, bringing a feeling of elation when you hear your soul’s deepest desires. During your sessions, you’ll put your focus and energy on the heart – showing your body and conscious who you truly are, which is a gift beyond comprehension.

Your body needs to feel your love. It’s connected to the same higher consciousness as your conscious mind – it takes you where you want to go, allowing you to have beautiful experiences along the way. Give yourself the grace to feel compassion, love, appreciation, care, and joy toward yourself. This brings you closer to your ‘source’ energy, which feeds your body with wellbeing.

HeartSoul Convergence helps you move to a higher vibrational resonance – one that calls for a ‘higher’ frequency that helps you achieve the beautiful and meaningful experiences you desire. It’s through your thoughts and emotions that your true intentions come true.

HeartSoul Convergence teaches you how to feel the calm and ease within your heart. You’ll find yourself taking longer, deeper breaths even during times of trials and tribulations from being late to work to a true crisis in your life. You’ll feel the energetic flow of the universe flowing through you, aligning you right where you need to be at the right time.

Did you know that the heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain? The heart’s magnetic field can be measured about 3 feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers.


Join a HeartMath Training

I offer several ways to learn the ‘magic’ of HeartMath including public workshops, private workshops, webinars, and individual coaching sessions. In each of my opportunities, I help you understand the techniques, how to implement them in your lives and how to dedicate yourself to the practice. I partner with other HeartMath trainers and coaches and even offer promotions occasionally. Keep an eye out for the next opportunity or check out my calendar for information on upcoming classes.


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Is it time to live your life with purpose?  Learn how to create a more balanced existence using HeartMath techniques. Feel the shift when you’ve created a heart-mind coherence, to calm the storm, both physically and emotionally, making it easier to ride life’s storms. Learn the secrets of ‘allowance,’ to enable an immediate calm and ‘ease’ like that of a Beech tree that only bends in the strongest of winds. Be a healthier, more resilient version of you. True freedom comes when we are responsible for our own reality.   

If the time has arrived to become the best version of yourself, our HeartMath-based mini-workshops are designed to help use our own innate knowing, our intuition, and inner power to lead to a synchronistic life flow rather than a make-it-happen by force or brain-centric life. The ‘magical’ combination of HeartMath techniques and using our own intuition creates a feeling of wholeness, wisdom and knowing, bringing alignment to center where peace and calm reside.

Accepting life’s twists and turns, and storms, can be more understandable when you can see the bigger picture. During an Akashic Records session, you’ll hear Record Keepers speak to you like it is your inner-most thoughts and feelings. This can bring about tears of happiness, shivers of confirmation, or feelings of overwhelming love. Validation is a common reaction that ‘I’m on the right’ path.  An Akashic Records session connects you with the inner depth of your true being – in both current and past lifetimes. It can bring feelings of serenity, understanding, and calmness.