The ability to experience life from a higher perspective is a gift.  At any age, there is an opportunity, an invitation, to live a connected life – one in which your heart and your soul are one.

HeartSoul Convergence Session

HeartSoul Convergence is a Program consisting of a beautiful combination or ‘convergence’ of connecting fully to our heart (based on HeartMath techniques) and pulling in our Higher Self – our Soul’s Wisdom.  Some of these concepts are better understood with a specialized Akashic session that helps bring insights on the acceptance of situations as learnings and how they contributed to the expansive soul you are today.  This three part series is to bring balance, a deeper understanding of who we are and how being more wisdom-based can bring life into alignment. It’s a ‘leveling up’ by utilizing heart-mind coherence and adding the connection of  soul.

HeartSoul Convergence consists of three 50-minute sessions – two heart-based sessions and one Akashic Records Session.

The process takes you on a journey beyond your mind – into your heart and soul, where you’ll dig further into soul questions, perhaps your higher purpose.

Think of your HeartSoul Convergence sessions as a personal opportunity to ask yourself questions about who you are. You’ll take a new journey in your life, and learn to move away from brain-based living, more toward awareness of the beauty of the convergence of the heart and soul.

The HeartSoul Convergence assists with life and all of its ups and downs, minimizing the stress and anxiety you experience along the way.

While HeartMath techniques on their own have incredible benefits, the combination of sessions in this mini-workshop brings a reconnection to your heart and soul, which brings you even closer to your higher self, your higher source. Essentially, you lay the foundation to lead a life led by your intuition rather than your brain. With enough consistency and practice, you’ll reconnect with your own gifts and come into your own being.

$350 for 3, 50-minute Sessions


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Is it time to live your life with purpose?  Creating a more balanced existence using your own intentions are available using HeartMath techniques. There’s a noticeable shift when you’ve created heart-mind coherence, to calm the storm outside by starting inside. Both physically and emotionally, your life can be easier and more able to ride life’s storms. Understand the importance of awareness to enable an immediate calm and ‘ease’. Be a healthier, more resilient version of you. True freedom comes when we are responsible for our own reality.  

It’s time to become the best version of yourself. Our HeartMath mini-workshops help you use intuition which leads to more a more intuitive flow of synchronicity rather than a brain-centric life. The ‘magical’ combination of HeartMath techniques and intuition creates a feeling of wholeness, bringing you straight to your center where peace and calm reside.

Accepting life’s twists and turns is easier when you understand the big picture. During an Akashic Records session, you’ll hear Record Keepers speak your inner-most thoughts and feelings. This can bring about tears of happiness, shivers of confirmation, or feelings of overwhelming love. One client described as a ‘warm blanket.’ An Akashic Records session connects you with the depth of your true being in both current and past lifetimes. It brings about feelings of serenity, understanding, and calmness.