Immersion Travel

Buy the Ticket, Take the Trip

Immersion Travel is the passion within the passions.  Having always loved to travel and experience other cultures, ancient sites and places with strong planetary energy were a huge draw.  Can you imagine visiting these places, all the while learning to live a heart-based and intuitive life?  Completely immersed in the combination of high energy locations with the added depth of being completely in our hearts while we’re there?  

To me, that sounds like heaven, so two or three times per year there will be an opportunity to take a journey of the heart while on a physical sojourn to magnificently spectacular locations.  What a great way to heal from a trauma, or take the whole family to bond together, or re-connect with yourself, or create a lasting memory with a significant person in your life.

Our next trip will be in 2021 to India.  There will be two different options, or you can choose both, an Ayurvedic Healing experience and an ancient spiritual sites journey.  Challenge yourself to a full-embodied travel experience.  Like my sister said, Buy the Ticket, Take the Trip.  That’s become my moto 🙂

Upcoming trips announced soon