HeartMath Training: Leading from your heart is an art that starts with intention. Create a space that inspires everyone around you to want to be better.

Akashic Records: Understanding yourself on a soulful level is the most powerful and empowering thing you can do for yourself. Understanding your Akashic fields lets you look into your soul – understanding the wisdom of the past, present, and future.

HeartSoul Convergence: Your mind, heart, and soul create a beautiful dance together when working in harmony. In HeartSoul Convergence, we work together to synchronize the heart’s wisdom, the mind’s thoughts and the soul’s rightful path for a beautiful harmonious life created by design


Is it time to live your life with purpose?  Creating a more balanced existence using your own intentions are available using HeartMath techniques. There’s a noticeable shift when you’ve created heart-mind coherence, to calm the storm outside by starting inside. Both physically and emotionally, your life can be easier and more able to ride life’s storms. Understand the importance of awareness to enable an immediate calm and ‘ease’. Be a healthier, more resilient version of you. True freedom comes when we are responsible for our own reality.  

If the time has arrived to become the best version of yourself, our HeartMath-based mini-workshops are designed to help use our own innate knowing, our intuition, and inner power to lead to a synchronistic life flow rather than a make-it-happen by force or brain-centric life. The ‘magical’ combination of HeartMath techniques and using our own intuition creates a feeling of wholeness, wisdom and knowing, bringing alignment to center where peace and calm reside.

Accepting life’s twists and turns, and storms, can be more understandable when you can see the bigger picture. During an Akashic Records session, you’ll hear Record Keepers speak to you like it is your inner-most thoughts and feelings. This can bring about tears of happiness, shivers of confirmation, or feelings of overwhelming love. Validation is a common reaction that ‘I’m on the right’ path.  An Akashic Records session connects you with the inner depth of your true being – in both current and past lifetimes. It can bring feelings of serenity, understanding, and calmness.