Honor Great Spirit. Connect to the Earth.

Honor Great Spirit. Connect to the Earth.

A spiritual affinity with our beautiful earth and Native American history runs deeply through many of us. Their inner respect, spiritual strength and honor for the land easily brought me to create one of my first inclinations. To portray my viewpoints through natural, earthy, native-feeling images was instinctual, like I had many lives in many tribes.

Art percolates deep from within our soul, so for me, it was natural and an immediate emotional release and connection to paint a part of my soul, seemingly pulling it straight from the center of the earth or from the Akash where the information from those lives reside.

Our Earth, the planet, is precious. Having a healthy respect for her varied ways to express her ‘feelings’ has been long-held, even feeling somewhat ‘familiar’ in a way that at any moment the planet might choose through her mighty resolve feel the need to do some cleaning – and, Spring is a great time to ‘shake’ the rugs and hose off the patio. So, it’s no surprise that there were fires, floods, volcanoes and most recently, some good-sized earthquakes. It is her way, it is her right, it is her love, and she and I have come to a mutual understanding.

With an awareness of her untethered ability to share her distinctive moods over thousands of years, it is fascinating to now witness her most current manifestations.

Nature brings us ‘home’ to our foundation – to our heart, and to our connection with our heart is pulling us closer to our spirit, which remembers our ancestry and particularly with those healing energies of our beautiful Earth.

The many changes that we are feeling physically and energetically are coming both from our precious planet and the universe – the sun in particular. These energetic gifts are available to anyone, to everyone, just by virtue of your human-ness. Whether you know it or accept, your physical body is naturally nourished by the resonance of the earth’s magnetic pulse and the sun’s rays – particularly first sun and the last of dawn.

We have a magnificent gift that is Mother Earth to heal our emotional imbalances, to expand our consciousness and with our own connection to our inner power, heart and awareness, we are supported spiritually. Like the Native Americans, it’s time to get back in touch with nature — our Earth.

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