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Welcome to my online store, where you can explore a world of transformative spiritual healing products & services. Dive into a realm of self-discovery and personal growth with our curated selection of items designed to nurture your spiritual journey.

Training Sessions & Events

Healing Heartist - Akashic Records Sessions

Akashic Records Consultation

The Akashic Records (The Akash) holds circumstances and actions concerning all consciousness. They hold the story of the soul’s evolution – your evolution. This 50 minute session will provide answers to soul-based questions that they deem appropriate for you at your soul level. This is not a psychic reading. Sample questions will be provided that help to ask questions which help you understand your soul’s path.

Cost: 50 minutes @ $150.00

Healing Heartist - Akashic Records Sessions

HeartMath Private Training

Private Training to learn & practice HeartMath Techniques.


  • Intuitive discussion about top areas of concern – we will talk about what brought you to the point of looking ‘inward’, sharing your top 1 or 2 areas you’d like to strengthen.
  • Self-healing – we will practice a self-healing session together.
  • Three questions from Akashic Record Keepers

Cost: 50 minutes @ $97.00

Healing Heartist - Akashic Records Sessions

HeartSoul Convergence Session

HeartSoul Convergence is a journey from Heart to Soul. This is just first stop, which is learning to step away from mind-based living and learn the basic HeartMath techniques. This is a stand-alone session with varied benefits, but in this session we are focused primarily on providing a foundation to reconnect with our heart. Once this first step is successful, we can then create a dialogue with our soul – or our higher self.

Cost: 50 minutes @ $150.00

Healing Products

Healing Heartist - Akashic Records Sessions

The HeartMath Experience

Learn from an inspiring experiential program that offers new insights and practical techniques to help you respond to day-to-day challenges with more ease and composure.

Cost: Free