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The Power of Akashic Reading, Unconditional Self-Love | The Jay Campbell Podcast

It’s such an honor doing the kind of work that brings people like Jay and his wife Monica into my world.  Seeing beautiful souls ‘waking up’ to understand who they really are – free-thinking, deep feeling, spiritual beings; and who they are not – just one of herd.  Thank you for your contribution, Jay.

Here are Jay’s comments about our podcast:

Our lives and existences are all about raising our vibrations by integrating trauma.

Why is Akashic reading a big part of us becoming more resilient?

How do we deal with people whose energies don’t align with us?

What is behind the wide-scale sweeping change we’re seeing in society?

On this episode, Akashic Records Guide, Certified HeartMath Trainer Teena Christel shares her journey and how we can deal with personal trauma.

Three Takeaways:

  • Resilience is like a strong deeply-rooted tree. In a storm, it moves with the wind; it doesn’t break.
  • Raising our vibration starts with how we treat ourselves, and the thoughts we hold about ourselves, and that’s what helps us treat other people better. When we have the vibration of inner love and inner acceptance, we draw in, attract, people that have that same vibration.
  • We need to step away from relationships that aren’t serving us. When people are not in the same vibrational space as us, we need to step away to protect ourselves. The best we can do for both is send them the highest and best energy.

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